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From Our Table at Grain: Foods of Summer


From Our Table at Grain – By Dixie Young, LAc While raw food seems to be the buzz word in the health conscious Portlander's diet, is it really for everyone? What are some ways to make it work for you? Grain Integrative Health's Dixie Young, LAc shares her knowledge of Chinese Medicine and her adventures [...]

Essential Fatty Acids: The Wonder Supplement?


Essential Fatty Acids – The Wonder Supplement?    Part 1 By Dr. Alisun Bonville No doubt you have heard that omega 3 fatty acids are good for your body.  Fish oil, a good source of fatty acids, has been a hot topic in the news lately, advertized to cure everything from arthritis to heart disease.  [...]

Ecopalooza- Grain Integrative Health Takes Care


Title: Ecopalooza- Grain Integrative Health Takes Care Location: Ecopalooza- Fern Hill Park Link out: Click here Description: Grain Integrative Health, LLC will be offering acute care and mini-consultations. Start Time: 11:00 Date: 2010-08-07 End Time: 18:30

Grain in the News


Check out Ecopalooza at Naturopathic doctors Sara Kates-Chinoy and Lindsay Baum of Grain Integrative Health You know there will be music, a solar-powered stage, resources to help you learn more about sustainability and plenty of beer.  Now you know that if you need any help at Ecopalooza, we got you covered there too.  Doctors [...]