Ladies, are you up to date? Get Checked Out!


By Dr. Alisun Bonville Most women know that visiting your doctor yearly is crucial for early detection of female-related illnesses.    The annual exam can help identify cancerous changes on the cervix, breast, uterus and ovaries, and typically includes a PAP smear, breast exam, and pelvic exam.  In addition, the doctor will also assess your heart, [...]

Ladies, are you up to date? Get Checked Out!2010-11-30T00:08:37-08:00

Are Your Hormones Hurting Your Business?


Please Join Dr. Alisun Bonville for a Practical Wisdom Webinar, November 16th at 11:30am. How to identify the signs and bring back balance and energy to your life. Do you consistently struggle with “low energy” and feel less productive than you need to be? Women are often surprised to learn that such symptoms are related [...]

Are Your Hormones Hurting Your Business?2010-11-10T10:12:26-08:00

Implicit Memory


By Alissa Bagan, MS Our brains are truly remarkable! The adult human brain has about 100 billion neurons that create about 2 million miles of neural highways in our brains (Badenoch, 2008). Neuroscience is finding more and more fascinating facets of the mind and of consciousness itself. For example, did you know that there are [...]

Implicit Memory2010-11-09T00:46:06-08:00

The Need for a Better Pillow


The Need for a Better Pillow By Natalie Weintraub, LMT Step one: Establish a need for a better pillow Now that I don't spend the majority of my day in an ergonomically maximized cubicle, I need to be more aware of my neck. Massage therapy is hard on the body - it's truly the blue [...]

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Reclaim Your Vibrancy!


Reclaim Your Vibrancy! Restoring Female Hormone Balance At your annual checkup, after a quick examination, your doctor confirms that you are healthy. Despite the excellent diagnosis, you are still feeling tired all the time, and having trouble sleeping. Life is becoming a daily struggle. Stop feeling like you are going against the current – it’s [...]

Reclaim Your Vibrancy!2010-11-01T17:51:49-07:00
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