Structural Integration

What is Structural Integration?

Structural Integration rehydrates and restores elasticity to the fascia. Fascia, also called connective tissue, envelopes the muscles, bones and joints. It holds us together, supporting our structure and giving us our shape.

The goal of Structural Integration is to balance your body’s structure in gravity. To do that, the practitioner looks at how your entire body has compensated and shortened over time. The ten session format allows for systematic work designed to deal with those compensations. Instead of attempting to just fix the local acute problem, the aim is to improve the entire postural pattern of the body.

Benefits of Structural Integration

Improvement in posture, range of motion, balance, and appearance. Relief of pain, stress, tension and stiffness due to stress from work, poor sleep, injuries or accidents. Improvement in mobility and reduction of risk of injury. Restoration of lost or diminished energy and vitality. Functional improvement in people of any age, from children to seniors.

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