Going Against the Grain

Going Against the Grain

Our providers appreciate that many of your health concerns focus on prevention of chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension and hypothyroidism without breaking the bank. Prescription drugs can be necessary to help you feel better quickly, but Grain Integrative Health providers aim to eliminate prescription drug dependency and use whenever possible.

We know where you’re coming from. We’ve been there too. The current healthcare climate has left many of us under-insured with high deductible plans. Co-payments can be relatively high even when you do have insurance. The medicines we take are expensive and some aren’t even covered by insurance. Some people need to stay on these medications to keep their symptoms manageable. Grain Integrative Health understands all these issues and goes against the grain to bring you an integrative healthcare system that works.

Grain Integrative Health providers do it differently. Grain Integrative Health is focused on restorative health. This means restoring the natural function of your healthy body.

Don’t just suppress your symptoms, instead work on a deeper level to reach your health goals. This means less money in the long run and better health for years to come.

Grain Integrative Health naturopathic doctors are primary care providers with the skills to help you decide the next step to prioritize your health. The acupuncturists, massage therapists and our therapist work as a team to optimize your health.

Grain Integrative Health can provide all your regular healthcare exams. You will be able to depend on your provider to help you get through acute illnesses in ways that are less harmful and often less expensive. Our great success has been our ability to meet patient healthcare needs for all ages. Grain Integrative Health is a culturally sensitive clinic.

We know it can be difficult to miss important work hours or family events, so Grain Integrative Health has made it simple for you to set time aside to improve your health. Our clinic schedules convenient evening hours.

Grain Integrative Health Welcomes You to Our Family!

Healthcare decisions are difficult. You will have all the information to be able to make the right choices for you and your entire family. The Grain Integrative Health team works for you and for the future of your family.

Give us a call. We’ll help you find the right provider, whether it’s massage, acupuncture, a psychologist or a physician- we have them all at Grain Integrative Health.

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