Healing With the Grain

Healing With the Grain

Grain Integrative Health providers will create a unique, individualized treatment just for you. An average appointment at Grain Integrative Health is between 30 to 60 minutes. Grain Integrative Health providers understand that spending time listening to you is important. Healing with the grain means paying attention to your individuality.

Many chronic illnesses and some acute illnesses can be reversed with diet changes. At Grain Integrative Health providers commonly include a nutritional assessment in our comprehensive testing as part of your first visit. Not everyone has a food sensitivity. But if you do react to certain foods that you commonly eat, it could be the cause of many of your health problems. Healing with the grain means removing the cause of disease.

Our acupuncturists are able to help you with both acute and chronic health issues. They also offer relaxing, therapeutic, and restorative treatments. This ancient medicine is based on the theory of rivers of energy flowing throughout your body, similar to the flow of water through a tree. In China, there are hospitals where patients scheduled for surgery receive acupuncture instead of regular anesthesia. Likewise, there are medical Qi Gong clinics and hospitals where patients recover from serious, life-threatening illnesses without medications or surgeries. These therapies have been used throughout the centuries by Asian cultures. Healing with the grain means using ancient knowledge.

Grain Integrative Health is pleased to offer you comprehensive care that includes the appropriate screening tests to prevent chronic disease. We provide comprehensive primary health care with naturopathic doctors, mental health providers, acupuncturists and massage therapists.

Experience medicine in a healing environment. Come visit us and see for yourself.

Speaking of Grain

For some people healing with the grain may mean avoiding grains in their diet. The media is bringing our attention to gluten sensitivities in the diet. Some patients do have a sensitivity to the gluten portion of grains. While this is an important consideration, we believe it is even more important to have qualified, licensed providers help guide you with any nutritional changes.

If you suffer from gluten intolerance, other food sensitivities or food allergies, we can help. You now have several convenient ways to schedule an appointment at Grain Integrative Health. You can request a specific doctor or healthcare provider or we can help you decide who would best meet your medical needs. We are happy to help.

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