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In 2001 my health took a sudden and unexplained downturn. I sought help over the years but was always left with little or no results and the feeling that I was being treated as a collection of symptoms and not as a whole person. My health continued to slowly deteriorate. When I first began receiving treatment from Dr. Kates-Chinoy I was 34 years of age and leading a severely impaired life due to muscle and joint pain, insomnia and extreme fatigue. After the first office visit I was struck by the feeling that I was being considered as more than my symptoms, that I was being considered as a whole person. After a few months of treatment my joint pain began to recede and I could sleep again. For the first time in seven years I felt hope. My health continues to improve and I now have faith that I will regain my full health. Dr. Kates-Chinoy possesses a combination of knowledge, skill, compassion and insight that I have never before experienced in my search for health. Thank you Dr. Kates-Chinoy for giving me back my life.

– J. Keller

Dr. Baum was able to diagnose a chronic pain problem I had had for many years almost immediately upon examining me. She quickly moved to a treatment that gave me noticeable relief the very first day and resulted in a lasting cessation of the pain. Moreover, she explained clearly and thoroughly what she was doing and why and even instructed me on some techniques I could (and have!) practiced at home to support and extend the benefit of her treatment. She has a warm, direct manner which instantly put me at ease and allowed me to feel comfortable asking my many questions without feeling embarrassed. Her impressive and wide-ranging medical knowledge and keen and open mind are augmented by an innate talent as a healer: this combination of learning and natural ability is very rare and part of what makes Dr.Baum stand out from the many other physicians I have seen throughout my life.

– V. Lindner

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