Winter Depression & Motivation


By Alissa Bagan, M.S. With the onset of short days, less sunlight, and the anticipation of a long time until summer, many people find themselves feeling apathetic, sluggish, and unmotivated.  This is especially true for people who already have a tendency toward depressive symptoms.  Consider this scenario: “I should get off the couch and do [...]

Winter Depression & Motivation2010-12-23T21:33:17-08:00

Oncology Massage Part 1


By Natalie Weintraub, LMT Let's start with the obvious question: Why is massage different for cancer patients and survivors? A simple question, but a tricky answer.  There isn't a specific type of massage that's used only for the oncology population. In fact, any technique I use with my cancer clients I can (and do) use [...]

Oncology Massage Part 12010-12-20T13:54:50-08:00
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