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In a December 21st news article in the Washington post, the blue ribbon went to Portland, Oregon stealing national headlines for an essential food-heaven. As health is connected to how we eat, one might suggest there are other parts of Portland that transcend expectation. In a city where eating out is often more cost effective than buying groceries, where grocery stores sell ingredients fit for a palace buffet on Christmas Eve everyday, there also must be good medical establishments. A new program offered by Grain Integrative Health focuses on aging gracefully and caters to those who enjoy the food features of the city while helping them maintain physique and optiomal health.

Grain Integrative Health wants the consumers of medicine to know that the integrative healthcare industry is unique, that their providers address diet, the science of why patients are diabetic, develop cardiovascular disease or do not fit into the jeans they wore just last year. The doctors in Portland can prescribe diet changes, pilates or yoga, and herbal medicines; at least the city acknowledges the richness of their food must be equilibrated with its excellence in medical care.

The owners of the clinic, Lindsay Baum, ND and Sara Kates-Chinoy, ND started the clinic concept as medical students when they felt most primary care doctors could not meet their needs. The clinic was born out of a desire to be all-inclusive, comprehensive and integrative and has now released a new program that aligns with the blossoming food industry. The six doctors and other providers create team approaches to help patients meet their most impossible health goals. In 2016, Grain Integrative Health doctors plan to build custom care profiles for each of their patients and plan to include patient family members in the new lifestyle programs. Grain Integrative Health wants to encourage more international patients to make Portland and their clinic a medical home away from home- where patietns can taste authentic health care while they enjoy the city foodscapes.

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