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By Christopher Miller, LAc

Yin Wood Sheep

Last year, did you gallop away with the Yang Wood Horse and ride into the potential of accomplishing big goals and expansive ideas? Or did you get trampled by the adolescent hooves of impatience, fall off the saddle and get dragged along with it’s never-stopping, forward momentum? This January, you may feel one last big push as the horse darts into it’s sunset. Soon we shift focus and greet the Yin Wood Sheep.

The sheep symbolizes good fortune, peace and abundance. Think of the lamb kneeling before it’s mother to nurse. With the sheep comes nurturing, gentleness, peace, calm, contentment. Life’s hectic pace is slowed and people connect with their more caring, sensitive and emotional sides. A theme with the sheep is the herd (our families and close friends). This year is an auspicious year for rooting deeper into our tribe, or sprouting a new branch.

The sheep is gentle, empathetic and listens. She is interested in serving others — selflessly — is not critical or quick-tempered. She has tendency towards introversion, contemplation, quiet and needs solitary peaceful moments to replenish her reserves.

A wild sheep has a knack for adaptability and coexisting with nature. She is strong and perseveres when she must. It’s common to misinterpret the Sheep’s kindness as weakness of character. As determined as the sheep is, it can turn into stubbornness.

Like last year, this is a Wood year. It brings with it qualities of boldness, creativity, idealism, imagination, planning, decision making, steadfastness, benevolence and competitiveness. Unlike last year’s masculine, Yang, Wooden energy — pushing it’s way through the year with great focus and drive, 2015 has a feminine, Yin, Wooden theme. Visualize flexible bamboo bending gently in the wind and you’ll know how to align yourself this year.

The Yin Wood Sheep is gracious, charming and a creative problem solver. If she has found herself, this sheep has the power to transform the lives of many. If she is still searching, this sheep lacks direction and can become a hapless victim. This year is more about embracing and surrendering rather than pursuing and striving.

Themes for the Year of the Yin Wood Sheep:
– Time to focus on creating a herd (home, family, roots). Sheep need a safe, cozy home environment to return to after dealing with the harsh world. Build a new family, or reconnect with the current one. Save independent action for next year.

– Make a strong effort to avoid clutter and confusion. Sheep love art, elegance and beauty. Not only keeping your home tidy, but clearing out all closets, drawers and storage areas will give you space to embrace what is most important.

– Pay off personal debt and organize finances. Sheep like nice, spendy things. Control risks, seek counsel instead of acting impulsively. If you don’t pay attention, you may end up with a brand new, expensive wool coat — or eight.

– Perform good deeds whenever or whenever you can. Everybody does better when everybody does better. Acts of service is the sheep’s middle name.

– Use mental abilities over brute force. Release stubbornness and tendency to play the victim. Repeat after me, “It’s not always about me. It’s not always about me. it’s not always about me.”


photo cred: http://www.shetlandwoolbrokers.co.uk/Shetland-Wool-and-Sheep

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